Hi. I m currently doing my A levels ( As ) . My question is if I want to study abroad with accounting , should I consider ACCA or Undergrad?


Politically Correct

You forgot to give us either your country or what 'abroad' means for you. But generally you would be nuts to do an accounting qualification of any kind in a country other than one where you have the right to work. That is because accounting is the most country specific qualification on the planet.


Shelldreamsoverseas has different answer with detail procedure. I think you should contact.

ibu guru

Accountants are a glut on many markets now. Bachelor's degree is essential, and preferably additional education & qualifications, such as ACCA, master's degree + CPA, etc. If you are planning to study accounting abroad, you have a problem already as you will not know your country's tax laws, tax accounting, and other essentials to compete for a job in your own country. You're not going to work abroad, so make sure you have the critical country-specific knowledge for your own country, plus local references, recommendations, contacts & connections in your country - or you're not getting a job there, either.

David Mike

It depends on your career goals and what you want to become. ACCA helps to get a job in accounting whereas undergraduate in Accounting opens the door for both job and masters degree. Also, it depends where you want to go to study abroad.


Look at a qualification that is recognised in the UK, as that's where you'll be working post-studies