How can i get the information of study about TEFL school in Spain?



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ibu guru

Google-search online for accredited TEFL programs. However, to work in this field, especially abroad, you will need to be a native-speaker of English from US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ. And you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree (some schools & countries require master's) in English, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, or related field. Plus minimum 140-hour TEFL certification course and teaching experience. You must meet not only school requirements but employment visa requirements. To work in your own country as an English teacher, you will need to meet your country's teacher certification requirements, and be fluent in English to some specified standard. Beware any school which will consider applicants without a minimum of a bachelor's degree, without TEFL or CELTA certification, or which does not apply for your employment visa. Lots of fly-by-night "schools" & you will end up in serious legal difficulties without a proper employment visa applied for by the employer prior to entry into the country.