What could I be with my a levels?

I am currently studying at sixth form A level Law, A level English Language and a diploma in criminology. I don’t have any idea what I want to be. I know i want to go to university, I was thinking primary education but I know the money isn’t all that good (I know it’s not all about the money but it is an important factor) does anyone have any ideas? Thankyou :)

Rona Lachat

Welcome to the real world it is harsh. The school wants students. They graduate students and issue a piece of paper their job is done. No one can guess which place NEEDS you on graduation day. I know the money isn’t all that good. GUESS WHAT most on the planet do not start out at the highest paying job the day after graduation.You work your way up.Many places you can get a list like this of possible jobs to look into. Job options Jobs directly related to your degree include: Community development worker Detective Police officer Prison officer Probation officer Social worker Youth worker Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Adult guidance worker Chaplain Charity officer Data scientist Forensic computer analyst Housing manager/officer Local government officer Paralegal Social researcher Solicitor Is there some law that says while you work you cannot continue your education for a second related degree. Diploma is not a Degree. Maybe after some work experience you pursue a sub field with a related study. For example you take chemistry to assist you as an Arson investigator. A lawyer that has medical knowledge helps them doing medical legal issues. Does not mean they must have medical degree. Forensic computer analyst needs not only study of criminals but obviously things about computers. Constant new education on the ever changing world of computers. Good Luck with your studies do the best you can.minimal pass is minimal pass. Top of the class is top of the class. Do not starting spending your salary yet. Your wish list of stuff you want is probably a few years worth of salary. It will help you in keeping your expectations to a reasonable amount. Most make less than Average wage to start. Suggest you look up Median wage , Just a math term for a more accurate presentation of what MOST make as Salary. These are numbers for Uk https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/percentile-points-from-1-to-99-for-total-income-before-and-after-tax When you start out expect to be under(less than) the 50 mark. Your actual degree and job choice moves you up.a few points year by year, It is a guess what jobs might be available the day you graduate. Up to you to be qualified for as many as possible. The top salary are only for a few. Consider getting some related work experience while you continue your education. a few hours at the lawyers.office or whatever is available near you that can be done outside of class time. Some employers if you are good worker might pay for some additional education to help you move up in their organization.create a work schedule around your classes and exams. they DO NOT have too. Many will if you ask and have shown good work habits with them.

Politically Correct

Most undergraduate degrees are academic and do not directly lead to anything. But a solid degree in a real subject (English is ok, LLB great, Criminology awful) will get you job offers if you have done some strategic internships.