Could Israel keep the cure for cancer secret and only for thier own if they wanted to?



These are developed to make money, Selling the procedures/drugs at a high price is their goal. Whoever is developing it could keep it for themselves, but it's highly unlikely.


What exactly is "their own"? Also, why is a team of scientists from a country synonymous with the country itself?


No; Israel couldn't, even if it wanted to. The scientists who discovered a sure-fire cure for cancer would shout it to the world. Their discovery would make them famous.


Sure if they knew what it was.

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yrs ago, I listened to a tape of a dr. who did a favor for the jivaro indians, and in return they gifted him a jar of liquid, it was examined by the hospital to be quite effective in killing off many cancers, it was buried, treatments make money, cures do not.... that's the harsh truth......


they could but they won't. just like all of their inventions and medical advances, they shared them with the world.


their, not thier. Learn to spell simple words. Not my fault you're stupid.