My teacher hit me, what can i do?

So basically I was in government class and the teacher was teaching and we were doing notes and I had my head on the desk and she hit my head with a ruler and screamed SO LOUD wake up now WHY WOULD YOU SLEEP and sweared at me and I screamed back I wasn’t sleeping and she slapped my face and I have a visible bruise and she screamed at me to leave her room and everyone was staring


Want some mustard to go with your baloney? You're a lying TROLL.


Oh, it's you again. Anybody who hasn't encountered this poster before, she specialises in idiotic and unbelievable stories about teachers being violent towards students. TROLL.

Saints Hasenhüttl

Troll kid returns, are you having a trouble in your new school again? if so, don't lend a ballpoint from your teacher.


Apologize and behave yourself in the future.


Tell the principal and police. Bring some witnesses in. Get this b*tch fired and arrested. Also, take photos of the slap-mark.


Stop sleeping in class and lying to the teacher.


Call the cops and tell your parents


Challenge her to a lightsaber duel


tell the principal i do not think that is allowed


I had a pagan Roman Catholic Priest slap me twice I kicked him in the Family Jewels and screamed assault and a Nun hit me so I slapped her in the Face as hard as a 12 year could Yelling F@@@@@@ pagans in 2019 as in 1955 No one is allowed to assault you go to the Police


She sounds stressed and you were not sitting as you should and so caused a misunderstanding. In future conform, be pleasant and do your very best. Good luck.


Apologise to your teacher and promise to never do it again. Maybe your teacher will forgive you if you behave for the rest of the year.




What is it about morons that makes them post the same obvious lies over and over?

Jimmy C

Funny how times have changed and people get all ecited about this. When I was at school that actually happened. We had a physics teacher who used to walk around behind me when I was not paying attention, and he used to slap me on the back of the head. It was just normal then. Nobody complained, and if I had complained they would have told me I should have been paying attention so it was my own fault.


Tell your Principle what Happen show them your Bruise most Likely your Teacher will get Fired if not Tell your Mom and she will Call and Complain to the School and the Superintendent Either way the Job will get Done


Tell the Principal or authorities about her.

Not Really a Doctor

Catholic school, eh? I bet you won't do that again.


liar liar pants on fire


Modern standards have created generations of little wussy snowflakes. Act up, you get what you asked for, a good old fashioned 55-gallon drum of Whup-@$$ poured all over you.


contact a lawyer and file suit against the teacher, school, and school district.


report to the principal


I would refuse to back to that class unless you want to be treated like ****.


Stop being an a hole. I’m sure all the fascist fairies will tell you to sue, but you need to learn respect