How to teach my son?

My son is 15 years old. At school, he is known as a "disciplined, respectful to teachers, helpful"student. But, he is completely different person at home. He doesn't listen to me. He has bad relationhsip with his siblings and his father. Whenever my husband talks to him, he always looks at the other side, and unwillingly answer him. Whenever I tried to lecture him, he will tell me to shut up. He is always in his room, playing with his phone. My husband doesn't want to scold him, or do anything to teach him. What can i do?


Your husband is doing NO FAVOR to your family or your son. Your son NEEDS discipline. Talk is Cheap. Sit down with your son, and tell him that if he disrespects anyone in your family in any way, then you will take away the things that mean most to him for a time period, such as his phone for a day or longer if he continues to disrespect you. Or his favorite clothes, or his lock on his door, etc. AND THEN FOLLOW THROUGH, EVERY TIME. If you don't discipline him now, GUARANTEED THE POLICE and COURTS WILL AT SOME POINT.


If he is different with you, the problem is probably with you. You can't change his behavior... the only behavior you can change is your own.


Better straighten him out now , he has traits of being a maniac and is on a one way trip to prison if he doesn’t get his head out his ****


You have a typical teen. I wasnt successful in changing my kids when they were teens with that attitude. The girls were better behaved than the boys but they all had the usual teen mind. Remember their brains are going through a lot of changes, add the raging hormones and they get this false sense of maturity. They get better when they get older. This is based on my experiences raising 7 kids.