Should I be an art teacher? And how do you become an art teacher?

I've been thinking about going into teaching. Because I haven't had the best time in school, so I want to give kids a positive outlook on school if I ever become a teacher. I always said I wouldn't ever be in a school again, because I literally hated school. But everybody I know says I would be a great teacher, and if I were to be a art teacher I would want to teach art to middle school kids (6th grade to be specific). And I've always wanted a job that I would have fun in, and would love to do everyday. And I think since I love art, I could turn my passion into a job for my future. Is there a specific major to teach art... like art education perhaps?? Would I still have to major in education specifically first as a BA? How would I go about doing this? And do different states pay better then others? I know teachers don't get the best salaries, but I would rather be in a job that I'm passionate about then be in a career that people tell me to be in and hate it if that makes sense. Thanks in advance


It's slightly different from place to place but typically one would need a Bachelor of Education to teach at the Elementary level and a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Teaching Certificate (or the equivalent) to teach at the High School level. P.S. - I became a teacher because I didn't like the way I was taught. And I do like it.


If your art is good and you like working with children, then yes.


You go to college for teaching, specialize in art, complete student teaching, then apply for jobs in school districts