I have a teaching question?

Can you teach multiple subjects. I have an interest in art/art history and metereology. Is it possible to teach any of those 2 subjects without being a famous artist or being an actual metereologist but teach those subjects to people or grade school kids k-12. Should I double major, dual major or major/ minor in instead


Middle school math and science teachers are in high demand. In Minnesota the state will pay part of your tuition if you teach math or science in a middle school (sometimes referred to as a junior high school) for at least three years after graduation. Or, at least they did when I lived there. You could absolutely teach an art class as well. Major in a physical science, minor in art, and take whatever courses are required for a teaching credential in the state where you want to teach. Good luck!


I think you could do that, especially the art. You should remain flexible, because I don't know if they will always have an opening to teach meterology. But you could wait it out teaching something else until it becomes available.


I always taught in at least 2 different departments and I also liked to change the grade and academic levels of the subjects. In many schools teachers teach more than one subject. Since meteorology is a science you could be given some science or math classes to teach.


Many teachers teach more than one subject. What you need to look up is the teacher licensure requirements in your state. Look on the state Department of Education website. Where I live, to teach in middle school or high school, you major in a subject area, and then take a 5th year of education courses to get your M.A.T. If you have significant coursework in another area, you might be able to teach it, although schools are trying to avoid that. But I don't know of any high school that has a course in meteorology. Major in science, and you'll be in big demand as a teacher.


If you want to teach, go for general education, primary. Then, maybe ‘minor’ in Art or Meterology. Those two fields are flooded right now, while there is always a need for teachers. In your free time you can do artwork, or even teach private classes in drawing or whatever.