Is it weird writing a teacher appreciation letter?

I had a teacher a few years back and let’s just say I used to be a really weird kid, the relationship I had with her was also kind of strange because of the person I was back then . Over the years I changed and I’m now longer that shy awkward kid I once was. I want to show this teacher how much I changed so she could be proud of what I accomplished and overcame as a person. But then I feel she might just be weirded out by the letter or something. This teacher truly impacted my life and I just want to write a letter of appreciation showing my graditude. Thanks for taking the time out and reading this have a great day.


Yes she would appreciate a letter of gratitude from you as it would make her job as a teacher being worthwhile.


She will, no doubt, be surprised to receive your letter, but I am sure that she will also be pleased that you have taken the trouble to write it. I don't think that it would be a weird (I suppose that you mean 'strange') thing to do. Most people like to know that their efforts have been appreciated. Keep the letter short. Wordiness would not be welcomed. You should assume that she does not remember you, so don't go on at some length. Be polite, keep it short, and your letter will be well received. And I hope that you have a good day, also.


No, it would be an honor to receive such a letter from a student!