My teacher said he didn’t go to college. Should I be worried?

I have mathematics first period. A student asked my teacher where he went to college. He instantly replied “I didn’t.” Is this bad? Should he be teaching us? Is he just some random guy off the street? Should we be worried???


Maybe his education was done in another country where college doesn't apply. I don't think a school would hire someone without verifying thoroughly their academic backround, I would not worry about this if I were you.


He is lying or joking.


Schools can't hire anyone who doesn't have at least a 4 year bachelor's degree. However, it's very hard to find math teachers. I know one school that hired a teacher for physics- the man was a lawyer, but he managed to pass the Praxis test in math (the test teachers take). He didn't have any idea how to teach, though. Many schools have a webpage for each teacher with biographical information on them. Or you could try googling him or looking him up on Linkedin.


I simply don't believe your teacher. Many teachers make jokes like that all the time.


My sister's had a Master's in Library science. She didn't graduate in teaching at all. But the school needed her to teach art until they could find a suitable art teacher. She went and took an exam, and passing that she could have a teaching certificate. It must be like the GED is for high school. Does he at least have his teaching certificate?


In some areas there is a difference between college and university. If you asked me the same question my answer would be no as I graduated from university. If your teacher is doing an adequate job then his educational background is of no importance. Before hiring his background would have been checked.


You shouldn't be worried, he isn't just someone random person. The school that hired him would have made sure that he has the proper qualifications, experience and training that is required to teach your class. If for some reason he isn't qualified you probably would be able to tell if he isn't teaching well and he isn't able to explain well and then you will know. Just wait and see how it goes.


I believe that this is his automatic answer for such questions. He means that the class is there to learn math and not to discuss his background.


He may have gone to a university. Frankly, it's none of your business, Skippy. You are NOT in HR.