There was a teacher who made me feel uncomfortable, not just me everyone who has him as a teacher he starred a me inapropriate.?

So I decided to talk to guidence and my parents think I am wrong for telling on him. I did not think it was wrong at the time I just felt super uncomfertable in that class espiesally when he stares. was I wrongto tell on him? and my step mom and dad aremad at me /:


'He starred a me.' What is the MATTER with you? I would 'starr' at you too if you were my student and were writing this illiterate garbage.


And yet you have made it this far being functionally illiterate. Stared. Inappropriate Guidance Especially Uncomfortable "He made me feel uncomfortable" is pretty vague. It isn't really a specific problem, it just sounds like you don't like him personally and want to make his life difficult. I've not cared for people who: treat their partners badly and embarrass them in public, lie to people, manipulate others. I once had a teacher who didn't know a lot about the subject he was supposed to teach. (His specialty was history and social studies, and we had him for English composition) He did other things to make us uncomfortable, but I'm not going to give you a script. He doesn't have to be your buddy. You don't have to like him personally. You haven't described anything actionable.


It's hard to say. He might have had a vision impairment, or it might have been a nervous reaction. I don't think it was wrong to talk to someone. They can look into it and find out why he's doing that. They can gently suggest that he move his eyes around and not stare at students so long. It's very unlikely that this would get him fired.