Are most us navy people on ships? If so, then do they get an extra housing allowance that other branches get because they're not on ships?



If they are married then they do get a housing allowance for their family. If they are single then the ship is their residence and no housing allowance. Single sailors have housing provided (a ship bunk) or a barracks if they are ashore. One exception would be if they are assigned away from a naval facility and have to have a place to live, for example, a recuiter in the middle of Montana.


They get the same pay and benefits as the other branches. When they are out on ship they get sea duty pay. I would not pick one service over another based on money but rather on what I would want to do. I personally get seasick and for that reason did not go into the Navy.


If you are authorized to receive the BAH, then you will receive BAH Allowance. Just because your workplace is on a ship, it does not mean that you will have to, exclusively, live on a ship.

Spock (rhp)

most Navy people are not deployed on a ship or to a foreign location