Why did Trump finally now take the deal Democrats offered three weeks ago?


Anonymous: I agree with Rick, but would add

I agree with Rick, but would add: He wanted to get the media spot light off Roger Stone and back onto himself. People need to realize the shutdown was not about the wall. It was about Trump and his monstrous ego. Had had agreed to a deal 3 weeks ago and reneged after conservative pundits trashed him. Then he tried bullying the new democratic House majority, but he seriously underestimated Nancy Pelosi and lost. Back to the wall. It was never about the wall. He could have got the wall from a republican Congress the last 2 years, but it wasn't a priority. It only became a priority after the republicans got hammered in the mid-term elections. So he invented the wall emergency in an attempt to bully the new democratic House majority. He thought if he succeeded he could then bully them on any investigations into his administration. Now that he lost those investigations will proceed as fast as possible. One more note. The only major thing he did accomplish in the last two years was giving himself and his billionaire buddies a huge unnecessary tax cut.


Many reasons 1) His approval rating, already low, started dropping like an out of control elevator on the 100th floor 2) The shutdown was hurting the economy he's so proud of 3) He found out he couldn't bully Pelosi like he does other people 4) Even members of his own party were turning against him

Bubba Ray

He needed to get the media off of the Stone case so his minions would have something else to talk about on the Sunday news shows.


To End the shut down


because he finally realized it was just making him look bad


ask this question in 3 weeks when the government shuts down again


They had wall money three weeks ago


Because he thought they would cave.


Two words - Roger Stone. His attention is focused on his own azz

serenely, soMEone

If no physical barrier, it has no teeth. So no wall, no deal. I'm in an area inundated by this bizarre flood and there is no logic behind the resistance to common sense security.


Because he cares about government workers and the Democrats do not.