Is it possible to borrow a concept from another person work?

Like I'll add my own spin on it. I just really feel hesitant about the idea of "borrowing a concept" since there are many touchy parts surrounding copyright works. It's just... I saw the concept when I was a child (before I could comprehend what the concept is about). Since then I have just been playing around with the idea. I thought since I could barely remember the anything about the concept at work (I was super young) I can use it if I add a spin to it. What do you guys think? It's like the concept of the mermaids and angels in a way.

Doc Awesome

You should ask for permission, and if possible, invite that colleague to work on and present it with you. Some of the best ideas are collaborations.


All books borrow "concepts" from other books at the level you gave us.


You can be inspired by what another person has done but you must not attempt to copy exactly their work.