Shouldn't they have printed Michelle Obama's book on Toilet paper to save the environment?

At least then it would be useful for something and have less environmental impact. I took one look at that bad vibes I wont read that


Good job.


No, but Trump should have. Trump used the Republican campaign fund to buy millions of his own books because Hillary was selling more books than he was. Just today, Trump's longtime lawyer Cohen is tweeting about Trump using campaign funds to rig the polls because Hillary was more popular than he was. How pathetic is that--Trump has no friends so he buys them and pretends to be his own publicity manager.

Spirit of All

Funny story, a coffee shop I go to in Seattle had Trumps face on the toilet paper for one week after he won the election.


Please don’t burn the books. I remember when the tea party tried to burn books.


democrats with no argument,like the dame who covers her ears about hubs ragging about the chargecards I cant HEAR YOUUUUUUUUUUUU grammar & spelling is all they have form vs functionality


No, and I don’t think she’ll miss your endorsement or purchase. Michelle Obama's book 'Becoming' has longest run on Amazon's bestseller list since 'Fifty Shades'

Free At Last

You can't read the book anyway because it has words with 3 syllables.

Jake No Chat

Of course, it should not have been printed at all, but toilet paper would be the proper material if it happens. And she could have changed the name of the book to "What Happened? Sh!t Happened."


Your grammar skills are appalling and the main reason you won't read Michelle Obama's book because it contains too many big words.


Oh good. Best reviews are the ones done by people who didn't read the book. Thanks.


You can buy the kindle version.

John P

You mean just like they print all those pronouncements by Trump on toilet paper?


My butt is too precious to endure such torture.