Why are people born in the 20th century (1900-1999) very unedgecated?



> Calls people born in the 20th century (1900s) ignorant > Can't spell "uneducated" correctly

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At least we know how to use spellcheck.


If you can't spell educated you have to consider yourself one of them.

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Troll Smarter, not harder


You appear to be 'uneducated'. Your spelling if 'uneducated' is incorrect. By a person born in the 20th century (1942).


u cant even spell educated lol

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That's unedjumacated, buddy. Speaking as a member of the ignorant masses born in the 20th century, I would like to point out that the 20th century began on January 1, 1901, and ended on December 31, 2000. The time period you cited (1900-1999) in referred to as the 1900s.


Thicko!! How do you spell 'uneducated'?


it should read why are Americans born in any century so uneducated because the US education sucks


Consider the increase in knowledge and technology during the 1900's. Remember, the automobile wasn't invented until just after the turn of the century. Women were oppressed and didn't win the right to vote until the 1920's. Computers weren't invented until the late 70's-early 80's. The country suffered attrition of men through two world wars. Women were expected to stay home and raise the children, and had few choices for working careers until after WW2. More like into the 1960's. The internet wasn't invented, or useful as a source of knowledge until sometime in the 2000's. Penicillin wasn't discovered until sometime in the 1940's. Not to mention the progress in medical fields about human anatomy and how disease was spread. Seems humans are pretty slow to learn and slow to discover important things to improve their quality of life. You might compare the content of school textbooks from the 1900's to that of today's textbooks. Then we get to the 2000's and kids sit around doing drugs and having sex and to hell with education and productive careers. How many people in their 20's and 30's do you know who are still living with their parents and have no job skills?


That's a very uneducated thing to say.


That's not true.

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What, even more thus (I cannot spell the word you quote) than you are?!


Thanks a bunch! My parents were both born in 1908. My mother was a tri-lingual secretary and my father was an Anglican priest. I was born in 1943. I am a qualified French teach and a free-lance translator from French and German into English. I also took a post grad course on the subject of post traumatic stress disorder and, for many years wrote appeals for rejected asylum seekers. My daughter, born in 1966, is a qualified yoga teacher and currently works in the human resources department of the largest hospital in our area.