Why do students like to procrastinate?



Students procrastinate because oftentimes they just lack the self discipline to do their work, and in their minds there are better things they can do with their time than do their homework. But the sooner you learn to use your time wisely and get that work done, the much easier it'll be when you hit college. I'm in college and I've slowly learned not to procrastinate and it's really paying off. The hardest part is making yourself sit down and study, but once you conquer that first step you're gold.


It takes skill to procrastinate properly.


Many PEOPLE, no matter what age, procrastinate.


They like the leisure. Why work fast when you can work slow! Maybe you need to set a fire under their chair to speed them up a bit! Place more pressure on them where they know there will be consequences if they don't meet the timeline.


I'll get back to you on that

Timothy James

I'm not sure if it's fair to specifically name students, a lot of people procrastinate, that's just human nature.


World affairs, family issues, my dog eats paper, Mike no text me back like he promised, gee I hate math. Ask the procrastinating student why.


for me personally it inspires me to do my best work at the last minute