Women are proud to serve in military combat but the haters never stop hating?

If they meet the same standards --- then there's no problem!


What are you talking about??


The haters are usually men who would not be able to serve themselves and are jealous.




As a Field Grade Officer and member of the 5th Grp Bravo Company 2nd Battalion. I would be hard pressed to say that women in Combat roles have no place. They do have in specific instances. In Special Operations units there are extreme limitations, for the application of women in Special operations missions. The demand placed on the Physical and Mental issues at times can be overwhelming. That is why still today, 100 test and only 3 wear the Green Beret. Women could offer a very important role working as operations analyst and interpreters for B team operations. Women have always played a vital role in support operations for the Army. As of just the last decade. Women were flying combat operations in Black Hawk and Apache Helicopter units. Doing a fantastic job for their fellow combat personnel on the ground. A soldier is a soldier no matter what the sex. However when it comes to combat operations there is fine line to be drawn. Not in sexism but in Physical reality.


women should be in the kitchen.