How do I make this sentence sound OLD English?

By the way, Is there any tidings anywhere yet?


What do you mean by Old English? I hope you are not confusing spelling, vocabulary, and pronunciation. If you are thinking of words such as "durst" they tend to be more poetic rather than standard speech. That being said pick up a copy of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" and that will give you an idea of Middle or Medieval English. For Old English you will have to go back to the original "Beowulf", not one written in Modern English.


You mean Shakespearean English, don't you? One of Shakespeare's most famous lines is "What news on the Rialto?" - so you need look no further.


Pray tell me, be there tidings yet?


Perchance has some thing happeneth? BTW, I'm sure you don't mean Old English, which is also called Anglo-Saxon and is not understandable by most people today whose native language is Modern English. (Of course, linguists and others who have studied the language can understand it, but not "civilians." ) I think, instead, you probably are interested in the language that Shakespeare used (is that right??), which is actually Early Modern English.