What's a word that means "of, involving, or relating to a city as a whole"? Like the city equivalent to the word "national"?

Thanks everyone for the answers. I usually have really bad luck on this site and just get spam answers. Although I think "civic" is probably the closest answer, for my use I think "municipal" would actually be more fitting.

Rick B

I think municipal is closest to what you are asking.

Chewy Ivan 2




PW1,Church of the WalkingStick

Urban. From the Latin Urbs. Like the word suburb. Meaning outside the city. Sub urbs.


You could use *metropolitan* -- but that HAS to be limited to a very BIG city. (And, no, I don't have a 'number definition' for where that would start....)

Nancy: civic...ex

civic...ex: Native Angelenos have a strong sense of civic pride and claim that Los Angeles is the best and most vibrant city in the nation.