Frank Miller or Mark Miller?

Who's better and who's worse. in case you need some examples here ya go. Frank Miller's most known works: Batman Year one, Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Strikes Again, Sin City series, 300, The Wolverine (artist, not writer) Ronin, Daredevil: Man With out Fear Electra Assasin Mark Miller's best known works: Wanted, Marvel Civil War, Ultimate Marvel, Kick *** 1 and 2, Old Man Logan, Superman: Red Son, Kingsman thoughts?


Steve Miller


Frank Miller. I've enjoyed some of Mark Miller's work, like Old Man Logan, but Frank Miller is more consistently great. His work on Batman, Daredevil, and Sin City have all amazed me.

Rebel With A Cause

I prefer Frank Miller's 80s/early 90s work more than his recent works (All Star Batman, Dark Knight Strikes Again). I prefer Mark Millar's recent works (Reborn, Huck, Jupiter's Legacy) than his most of early works, which were too "edgy" and dark for my liking.

I Call It Like I See It

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Frank Miller. I was thinking of Frank Mills, he wrote Music Box Dancer. I'm trying to learn that on an electric piano.


Frank's the better Miller.