What Manga Am I Thinking Of?

i always confuse the name with rewind and can't find the manga online, but it's basically a hentai except it has a very detailed story about a guy who dies and his girlfriend knows he's been cheating on her. every time he orgasms he dies so he has to atone for cheating by honestly apologizing to his girlfriend. he's in the military and a guy there thought it was disgusting how he treats women like objects so he cursed the guy. the guy has sex with a lot of women and keeps dying until he figures out how to fix the curse. and every time he dies he just wakes up in a new reality so his former lives are all in a coma. I want to recommend it to someone but I can't remember what it's called, it's like the word rewind but something else.


No.  Manga isn't my specialty. Sorry!!! But I love stories of taboo forbidden romance.


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