Better aspect, Venus trine ASC or Venus trine Mars?

Out of these two astrological aspects with Venus....Which one do you feel is stronger? This isn't just for physical looks either but also one's characteristics as well. Inner beauty is just as important as outer for many people.


The planets in outer space did not raise you or cause one individual to be more superior to another. All the debates touting my sign is better than yours is child’s play. If you are born, it is when you are supposed to be. What you are born with, belongs to you. Your early environment including your role models and how you were nurtured can give you a head start on life or cause one delay in catching up with a fast moving world. These are not because of planets in space but instead the influences are the environment after day one on planet earth. Even a new born baby is picking up signals. If mommy and daddy are are happy and loving or if they are fighting like cats and dogs ..the baby is learning what it means to be human, how to communicate with others and so on. Astrology is just entertainment


This is a good question. In astrology, our inner self is represented by the planets. How we relate to outer things is represented by the houses (the Ascendant is the cusp/starting-point for your 1st house . your superficial social mask). Venus trine Asc means that your social needs (Venus) express themselves harmoniously with the social mask you put on in social situations (Ascendant). Venus trine Mars means that your social needs work harmoniously, within you, when you go after something/anything you want (Mars). This means you can effectively take action for friendships, love, and even sex. Internal harmony produces constructive action. I would much rather have an aspect that produces inner harmony. Venus trine Mars. The Ascendant, being a house-cusp, is not about my true inner self.


U NEED an astrologer for this....try