How can I get past my dry boring dull Capricorn moon?

God worse placement to possible have, I feel dead inside all the time.


If you feel dead inside, it is because their is buried pain that you are afraid to face, mostly because you don't know how to cope with it. When we bury our pain, we have to bury all emotions and that is what makes us feel dead. There is nothing bad about having your emotional nature (Moon) influenced by the practical, down-to-earth style of Capricorn. You, of all people, have more potential to learn how to work with your emotions. But astrology is only an influence and what we do WITH that influence is up to us.


Individuals who grew up in negative drama filled environments tend to gravitate towards similar environments and attract the same because they see it as normal. When there’s no drama, it is not unusual for them to feel dead inside until they learn healthier ways of navigating through life. If there is no drama, they start they crave attention whether it is positive or negative. Usually recognizing the problem is the first step and being accountable for their actions and reactions. Empowering yourself comes from owning the responsibility of self and not placing the blame on people, places and things. Astrology will dumb you down and delay your growth because it gives you an excuse to evade reality. There is no reason to ever feel bored because there is always something new and exciting to experience, learn without unnecessary drama and all that comes with it. Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness. The depressed life inside you is of your own making. Btw..I don’t do baby talk and accept or reject is your life. Life flows when one feels balanced and whole. Not a Moon, Sun or a birth chart that separates and fragments you into parts. and no is only entertainment. Have a good day


Astrology is fake. Get a hobby, try something new.


Have Christ moon