Is my Aries man done with me? Is he hurt ?

i think I hurt my Aries man. I’m a Taurus by the way, me an my Aries broke up the first time honestly over miscommunication, to make a long story short we got over it and talked it out, the next day he came over my house and we hung out, had great sex and everything but he went through my phone and seen I was texting this guy but it was when we broke up but I didn’t do anything with dude. (When I said that he said nah y’all had sex) When he went through my phone he didn’t tell me I saw him and he tried to play it off like he didn’t care and started putting his clothes on and when I asked to talk about it he turned music on then said he wanted to go home so when we got the car I didn’t do too much I just let him know I was sorry and that i wasn’t doing anything with the guy in my phone I just hung out with him once and that I wasn’t trying to play him. He said he got his number out my phone and would ask him that’s all he said He didn’t say anything else until we got to the his house (he lives 30minutes away from me) when we parked he said he couldn’t be mad cause we wasnt together but he was still gonna call him and he rubbed my lthigh and kissed me and went in the house. Is he done with me? The way he acted just confused me


Aries girl here. I would like to know what to do to win a virgo man!?


I will try to keep this short, but comprehensive and clear. First as a (retired professionally-certified) astrologer, only scammers write about Sun signs. Real astrologers work off the entire complex birthchart for the individual … a map of the heavens (ecliptic, actually) for the precise moment that person was born, as seen from where they were born. A chart that has 40-50 factors, of which the Sun sign is just one. And we don’t compare signs to determine compatibility. We look for synastry aspects. Also we don’t write out reports .. we talk directly WITH the client .. for about an hour. Why don’t we do “Sun sign astrology”? Because our readings would be inaccurate and our clients would not come back. And no word-of-mouth referrals either. So I will not respond to your Sun-sign information. But otherwise: The first time we break up with someone always needs to be the LAST break up. If we try to get back with them, we will only break up again. And again. Until we finally understand that we cannot make it work (couples who ARE compatible do NOT break up in the first place). People who break up over miscommunications are not skilled-enough to make a relationship work, and often this is due to unconscious emotional factors that will take 10-30 years (or never) to resolve. People who jump to conclusions (like he did about your text), are people who are afraid of their own emotions and so they jump to a conclusion which protects them (you can’t be hurt if you see it coming). So, no you CANNOT change what they interpret. Which means a relationship with them will never run smoothly and you will constantly be accused of things you didn’t do. As for confusion … this happens when we do not like the truth and don’t want to admit it to ourselves. By blocking out our clarity, we become disoriented and confused. And what is that truth? It is the one whispering quietly in the background that you suspect is the truth but do not want to admit is the truth. If you are lucky, he is done with you. The man is not relationship material.


I think it depends on what the other guy tells your Aries guy after the phone call.


Nope, aries can get over things


What has astrology got to do with this? To mention the position of constellations is irrelevant Basically, your boyfriend came over. You had make up sex, then he saw that you had a '"C0ck-on-Standby" and he naturally got p*ssed at you.


Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics exist for magic. Did fail your science classes or just ignoring this part of your education? We’re in the entertainment section and you’re new. Take a good look at the past questions and answers. Full of childish exchanges and bickering. What kind of useful answers can you expect? No actual research has been done on astrology stereotypes. To much work and expense. Far easier to just make it up. If you’re serious about the Tooth Fairy science, seeing a professional astrologer must be better than anyone here. Nobody pays them to be wrong.