Can you name something that you think turns you into a self obsessed moron?

Reading and believing astrology turns me into a self obsessed and paranoid/hypercritical moron.


I don’t call myself ugly names but I agree with you that some astrology believers seem a tad bit cursed. Searching in books and on sites looking for themselves and their identity. Paying people to tell them who they are. Comparing themselves to others that are born around the same time. Accepting a man made identity that takes them further away from reality, so far away that one could easily turn into a self obsessed and paranoid/hypercritical moron. It is better to know the truth..astrology is just entertainment. Enjoy your day


Mostly drugs, preferably beer. Once I start I can’t stop and I become very self centered. I don’t care who are what I hurt and I will jeopardize my life and others for just one more.

Mr. Yaw

Too much of anything is bad, so this can apply to basically everything and everyone.


Astrology is tough because there are so many branches and different schools. They all have their plus and minuses.


no. Oh wait. I know something. My story. Sometimes I want so badly to focus on that or relaxing I want to ignore everything around me.