Past life lovers?

Can a past lover come back and take another form ? I think I died and came back for him to notice me his older more than 10yrs I think I'm waiting for him to wake up.


there were no past lives...these are our first


Have you tried to do past life regression?


I believe rebirth happens. But this belief is not knowledge, so I cannot say it DOES happen. The theories about rebirth and past loves comes from ancient philosophy. They say that sometimes two souls will agree to be mates through several lifetimes. This creates an instant sense of "recognition" when they first encounter each other in this life. And it creates an addictive obsessive attachment. The PURPOSE of "soul mates" is to accelerate spiritual growth, the yogis say. And spiritual growth requires letting go of ego, attachments, even romantic love. So the PURPOSE of soul mates is to make each other SO miserable that they more-quickly give up on romantic love and instead turn to union with the Divine. Modern psychology observes the same thing, although NOT in the context of rebirth They see that the stronger the chemistry and attraction are at the start, the more conflict there WILL be once the "honeymoon phase" has died out. The relationship that seemed to promise so much turns into a torture, and our obsession makes it difficult to save ourselves by leaving the relationship. So if they ARE your soulmate ... I pity you.