Libra man and Scorpio woman?



Not compatible


Get the birthtime for both ... and the full birthdate and place of birth. Go to this site. Enter those 3 pieces of birthdata for both people. You get a free astrological analysis for the compatibility & discord between the two. All astrological comparisons (synastry) have BOTH types of influences in them. No REAL astrologer uses the signs, and when you call someone a Sign, you are only identifying their Sun sign. Easy to find, so it is easy to scam the public to make money by writing about Sun signs. But Sun sign astrology is SO limited that usually it misinforms rather than describes. Usually. Don't use Sun-sign astrology. Either learn how to work with real astrology, based on the MOMENT which THAT person was born ... of drop astrology altogether. Otherwise you will be misunderstand yourself, others, and your situations & relationships. (btw, never pay for a written report. It is always just a computer generated report, listing the items which are ALREADY available for FREE if you look them up online).


do not get along with each other


Probably!! Aaron Sixth Sense (he is Libra) and his wife (she is Scorpio) Scorpio fall of ๐ŸŒ™ detriment ofโ™€๏ธ and ruled by Mars. She is very tomboyish and manly ๐Ÿ‘ฒ so Libra man will like this tomboyish woman