Romantically compatible for leo man between aries girl and scorpio girl?



Aries woman definitely 💕✨🔥


For each comparison, you need the birthdata for both people. And then enter it into a website that does "synastry".. Comparing Sun signs (often miscalled their "zodiac sign") is only scam astrology and not real astrology. And the answers from Sun sign astrology don't work. Birthdata involves finding out: (1) the day, month, year of birth (2) the birthplace (3) the PRECISE minute/hour they were born (which is why real astrology simply cannot be done for the general public, using just the Sun sign). So find out the birthdata for yourself, the Sun-in-Aries girl and the Sun-in-Scorpio girl. This website does a decent-enough free analysis, based on the birthdata of two people. Understand that the Sun signs, or even the signs of ALL of the person's 10 planets, are NOT significant when looking at compatibility. Also understand that all relationships have problems once the infatuation phase dies out, just as all astrology synastry has both harmony and discord in it. What makes a relationship work out is not how much love or chemistry there is, but how emotionally-mature and happy both people already are before they meet each other.


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Any 2 people can be compatible no matter what their Zodiac sign is.


Astrology is just for fun. It doesn't really work. The date of someone's birth cannot possibly affect their personality. That would be ridiculous.