What zodiac sign do you think I am?

Okay lemme just start with my appearance, I’m a female,my arms are covered with tattoos and I have very long acrylic nails. I wear makeup everyday and am pretty much obsessed with beauty and fashion. Personality wise, I’m outgoing most of the time but can be reserved in new situations. I love LOVE spicy food . I also can be pretty loud when I’m happy and I tend to cuss a lot. I do have tendencies to be blunt and painfully honest, but I don’t mean any harm.




Libra or leo?


My sign is nothing like me I’m the opposite of it but how you have described id say Cancer or Aries


No telling. You are more than your sun sign. You have a rising sign, a moon sign, venus sign, mars sign and so on. And these planets are in certain houses and interact with each other. I would guess fire signs are prominent in your chart.




Astrology is useless but I can profile you . So let’s see.. You want to be seen as tough and edgy but the long fingernails, habitual rituals of daily putting on makeup and being fashionable says you don’t pose any real danger ‘cause you just want to look unique but not get dirty. The profanity is an accessory and goes with the tattoos and the image you want to project. You are not a long term deep thinker or planner but more of the live in the moment spontaneous type. You were bullied as a youngster, most likely very intelligent when it comes to out maneuvering or slighting a nemesis or perceived enemy. You like your image but you don’t like yourself to the point of feeling comfortable in your own skin.


Sag or leo


That’s not how it works because astrology doesn’t work. Nobody here asks driving questions about show it and how it works. If you’re science literate you wouldn’t believe.


You sound dangerous , so Scorpio or sag.


Sagittarius Virgo Gemini Pisces


This is not how astrology works. And only those who lack a good understanding of astrology would try to guess your Sun sign. First your "zodiac sign" is only your Sun sign. It is easy to find so it is easy to scam the public with and make money. But it is only 2% of YOUR entire astrological birthchart. Further, astrology is not very accurate at describing outer behaviors. It is excellent at in-depth psychology self-understanding. But since any particular factor of the 40-50 factors in your birthchart could have countless ways of showing outwardly, and since no writer can possibly think of ALL these ways, don't expect astrology to describe your external behaviors or preferences. Also, since there ARE so many influences in your birthchart, and your Sun sign is only one of those factors, how on earth can we separate out ONLY those that are due to the sign your Sun is in. Finally ... astrology does not indicate your physical appearance.