In the placidus birth chart, what does it mean to have opposites in every single house?

For example he has libra in aries, aquarius in leo, leo in aquarius, ect. Also I wont go over his entire tropical but his sun and moon are virgo libra.


It's the way it is supposed to be. If the 1st house has Aries on the cusp. The 7th, it's opposite will always have Libra. If the third house has Scorpio on the cusp, the 9th will always have Taurus. The problem beginners have is that they just push computer buttons and the chart pops up. If they would learn how to construct a chart "by hand" even if they don't do all the complicated math, the answer to this question would be self evident. Here is a more technical explanation THe signs are arranged in a specific order around a circle and are 30 degrees of arc each. The circle is called the ecliptic. Libra is always opposite Aries on the circle. Pisces is always opposite Virgo etc. THe houses are superimposed over the ecliptic or circle of the zodiac and that circle is divided unequally (in most cases) but by straight lines that run through the center of the circle. Therefore if we dra a line from 15 degrees Taurus all the way through the circle, it will intersect the opposite point of the circle at 15 Scorpio - always. The chart you refer to is the way it is supposed to be. >>We’re in the entertainment section of YA, the last place to get information ..<< This is being written by the person who knows less about astrology than anyone on YA, so naturally he feels he is an authority. Dope.




ALL house systems have these opposites. And it doesn't mean "something". Sets of signs are ALWAYS opposite each other On a Spring night, look at the sign of Aries setting (the Sun IN that sign) on the western horizon while Libra is rising on the eastern horizon. There is no particular interpretation except for INDIVIDUAL people, since the same sets of signs are always opposite on the horoscope wheel of the birthchart. As for what you write, it makes no sense. You cannot have one sign IN another sign. A sign is a location on the ecliptic. You can have planets IN signs, but not signs in signs. Yes, Aries will always be opposite Libra in ANY birthchart, because that is the way they always are in the sky The birthchart is a map of the sky .. the horizon line is the horizontal line cutting the chart in top-bottom. The top is whatever was above the horizon, and the bottom is whatever was below the horizon. And I suppose you are saying he has Sun in Virgo and Moon in Libra?


Your question doesn't make sense; how can he have "Libra in Aries"?


Is this your first time here? Have you looked at the past questions and answers? Lots of childish bickering and complaining. We’re in the entertainment section of YA, the last place to get information on the Tooth Fairy science.