Why are pisces always so mean to me?

I mean I know I’m kind of a lame but sometimes I just want to feel included :/


As a Pisces, I'm only mean when I have to be, or need to defend myself, or Someone else. I'm very chill, sort of. Lol! I'm also quiet. But I will watch EVERYONE like a hawk, and can manipulate people that I despise. And one of the few Pisces out there that is NOT delusional, like some people here '***'ume about us. Lmao! But we can be manipulative, cruel, and cold hearted. Usually, you have to do something very horrible to us Pisces People, for us to be that way. I'm one of those Pisces. πŸ™„


theyre just nnean people, it has nothing to do with what their sign is


They are delusional, weak willed, and self undoing. Don’t waste your time on a bunch of deluded flakes that don’t have any respect for themselves or others.


I'm so sorry you are excluded. Despite being an astrologer, I can tell you that their Sun sign (often miscalled the "zodiac sign" for a person) has NOTHING to do with relating to others. And that each individual unique birthchart has to be analyzed for how it interacts with each other individual .. we use "synastry aspects" and not the "signs".


Because you're lame. They like outgoing and crazy


Frustration. Means you cling or depend solely on someone else. We get overwhelmed quickly. Its why I dont hang with my besties, baby. They want ALL of our time.


Most Pisces (most, not all) are really bad people . They lie , scheme, cheat, steal and are very cold hearted . Most of them are extremely delusional, hypocritical and manipulative


Pisces are hypocrites that feel isolated


Pisces aren't how astrologers paint them! Pisces people are arrogant, cold, unemotional just annoying πŸ‘Ž


Sign has nothing to do with how you're treated. How you're treated is reflected upon their actions, and personality. What you do to be treated that way is dependent on your attributes as well.