Why does everyone say libras are "people pleasers"?

As a libra i can say that is not true for me . Most people dont like me and i dont care (surprise!?) I dont try to make everyone like me, im alsp quiet, could it be my aries moon and capricorn rising?


Yeah astrology lied about that


No one says that or knows any who are. It's all bullshiet just like Scorpios are supposed to be evil


Love Libra moons.


Its a Libra trait to be non confrontational but it's not true for every libra. My son is definitely not worried about what others think of him.


Libra is your SUN sign. It is ONLY 2% of your entire unique astrological influence. Aries Moon is not retiring .. it creates impulsive emotional reactions, and may get angry easily but get over it just as quickly. DEPENDING on how your Moon interacts with (aspects) other planets in your chart. Capricorn Rising is shy and quiet. Your Rising Sign is not a planet, so it is not part of your inner personality. The Rising Sign is only the mask we put on in social situations. We hide behind the behaviors of that sign until we start to feel comfortable in that social situation.


mabey because you are honest? and that you dont try to please others, which tells others that you dont pretend to be someone your not to impress them, so its practicaly a confusing loop of confusion.