Why Aquarius is one of the best sign?

Most of Scientist and president are under Aquarius such as galileo galilei, thomas edison, Charles Darwin, Abraham lincoln,


How about telling us which star sign is so sh*t scared, that they have to post anonymously ?


I am an Aquarius


for me no but one of my grand babies is Aquarius and she is very sweet...also best boss in the last 15 yrs was Aquarius...I liked him alot...He had 4 kids and was so easy going.


Yes Aquarius and pisces have many scientist


my husband was an aquarius.. but he was my favorite person not because of his sun sign, but because he had a beautiful heart.

Anonymous: Because Aquarius is

Because Aquarius is: Creative Humanitarian Spiritual Lucky Sensuous Artistic Altruistic Simple Nice


Astrology is fake BS.


I wish I was Aquarius if I wasn't my sign


Paris Hilton is an Aquarius and she is gorgeous