Why do earth signs love to throw shade?



Earth signs have nothing to do with anything.

Anonymous: No it does not, except in your mind. https

No it does not, except in your mind. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=54917


idk we just do


Go sh*t your pants no one cares. You don't get an award for realizing this. Anyone can be shady!!


Makes you rethink everything about your friends, doesn't it? There’s no denying that some of us do some SHADY things when no one is looking. As much as we'd like to be honest 24/7, there are times when every single one of us can be low-key and shady. We don’t always let people know what’s going on, and we sometimes come across as mysterious... or worse. As much as we'd like to always keep it real and be upfront about everything, there are some things we simply HAVE to keep from other people.


Bcz they think they are very clever (but aren't).