Why I don't feel comfortable with any other sign except leos?

I can't handle any other sign really I am always get nervous or bored or don't trust My sign is virgo


Weirdos have this problem


Strictly your point of view and your say so. Do you ask everyone their star sign before interacting? Including children? Obtaining their IDs to make sure? Obviously most people in the world bother you, tell us exactly makes you comfortable?


The gods have made you very powerful


Hi It's normal !! Leo is a masculine fixed sign, is arrogant, materialistic, huge ego's, aggressive, strong, leader, impatient and egoistical Virgo is a feminine sign mutable adaptable, humble, spiritual, compassionate, calm, patient, weak, and altruistic Some stupid guy "Aaron Sixth Sense" will complain against Virgos he is Libra but he is a liar so you can't believe in him