Do you think there’s a high chance I’m pregnant?

Had unprotected sex 5 days before ovulation (didn’t pull out), 2 days before ovulation (used pull out method) and 2 days after ovulation (did not use pull out method) I believe my ovulation date was accurate because I had some symptoms (back pain, headache and discharge) My period is VERY regular and is supposed to come in 8 days. Is there a chance I’m pregnant? And when can I start taking a pregnancy test?


Headache?? Seriously???

Beverly S

There is a good chance & wait till after you miss your period.


IF ovulation was exactly when you think it was - then 2 days before ovulation was the best chance for pregnancy. Sperm can live for five days, which means that five days before ovulation is just within the possibility range. Since sperm can live for five days, two days before ovulation is also in the high possibility range. The egg only lives for 12 to 24 hours, so two days after ovulation has less chance. HOWEVER - OVULATION CAN BE EARLY OR LATE EVEN IN THE MOST PREDICTABLE CYCLES. You can start testing if you miss your next period.