How have your opinions about lifestyle magazines been confirmed, challenged, or changed based on magazines like “People”, “GQ Magazine”, etc?


Sandra K

Confirmed crap!

miyuki & kyojin

They confirm they are tyrants who want total control of your life.


My opinions have mainly been confirmed. "GQ" is another Lunatic Left propaganda mill. I recall that it disgusted me by writing horrible things about an actor who had just died. More recently, it gave an award to ColonCancer Kaeperdick who deserves his butt kicked, rather than any awards. "People" disgusted me in its "Sexiest Women" issues by listing very few if any Asians. Most on its lists are white, and many are black, but you do well to see one or two Asians. It is racist against Asians. My fiancée was from Hong Kong, China, and my first roommate was a gay black man, so no one can honestly accuse me of being racist. I quit buying "Playboy", because it told readers how to vote, and I vote the opposite to its Lunatic Left prejudice. It loves Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Michael Bellesiles, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, etc., while I loathe them.


Magazines still exist?