Was Stephen Hawking actually good at physics, or did he just use his computer to look up all the answers?



He was good at physics before people had laptops and PCs.


Definitely a genius


He was gifted and smart long before computers became common.


The computer that he had didn't come up with theories. Hell, even supercomputers today can't even formulate new physics and quantum mechanical theories, they can only run the calculations into set formulas and determine their validity. The computer he had ran the software that allowed him to vocalize his thoughts.

Retired Mafia Moll

Stephen was a very intelligent person. His illness had nothing to do with his IQ of 160. Which was considered "GENIUS" on the IQ points chart. Anything over 140 is considered gifted, but Stephen was at Genius Level..


He was very smart at physics


The second one, definitely. lol


I think he's known for the first man to rum the four minute mile and as a great orator. He also won the strong man contest and was one of the best iron men to exist.

Karen L

He was legitimate. He was one of the smartest people who ever lived.


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