Is the new Ted Bundy (Zac Efron) movie coming out or not??

So, I’m wanting to watch this movie and it says it was released on January 26th of this year and there are reviews of the movie already, but it’s not showing anywhere near me and idk why. I keep trying to find it and it’s not playing anywhere. I live in Tennessee. Does anybody have any information on this?? Thanks!!!


It premiered January 26 at Sundance. It does have a distributor, but at this point there's no info on when it will be in general release.


I don't know but the movie "The monster" is about him.


It was released at the Sundance film festival, but there's no word yet on when it will be released to the public. Don't worry, it'll be released someday (they wouldn't make a movie with a big name star and not release it to general audiences) but it might be a few months.


I don't know