How do you get over the death of a pet?


Mrs. Frankenstein

I hate the whole "getting over it" saying, because honestly, YOU NEVER DO. You only learn to deal with it and live with it day by day. You think I just "got over" the death of my orange kitty? That I "got over" the death of my father-in-law? Nope, you just cope and learn to deal, that's all you can do.


Have a good cry


you buy a new one


It's not easy to get over the death of anyone. Just try to focus on work or something. It's hard to get over the death of my husband, but i'm trying to keep myself active in other things. i came back to work.. i use yahoo answers.. anything.. anything at all to help keep my mind off of his death. When we love someone, we can't comprehend why they have to leave us. But let me assure you, your pet is still with you. There will be subtle signs.. but keep note of the signs. They'll make you cry.. but you'll cry tears of happiness.. I'm a NE Pats fan..and my husband is a denver Bronco's fan. He made plans to watch the superbowl at my parent's house, if the pats win. Anyway, he passed away at the beginning of the year. 2 days ago.. my mom was cleaning out the closet... and she found a blanket that she wanted to put on a pull out bed. It was a Bronco's blanket. When i came home.. i asked where my mom got that.. she said she found it in the closet.. I felt like it was a sign from above.. my husband watched the Superbowl with us. keep note of things like that. Maybe your pet will also leave "some signs".


Slowly, like any other death of a loved one.

Blue Sky 🐾

For most people, pets are equivalent to family. So give yourself all the time you think you need to grieve. You will know when you're ready to get another pet.


get a new one


You go through a grieving process. Its awful and you never really do get over the loss. It takes me about 18 months to 2 years until I feel I've come to terms with it all.


Buy a new one which helps.


Cry a lot


Allow yourself time to grieve, and then adopt another pet.