Is it weird that I hate being mostly white because pretty much all non-whites hate our guts and our numbers are quickly decreasing?

I know for a fact that most non-whites still at least dislike and many hate whites. Even if it's secretly. Even though I myself as an individual have never committed a hate crime and am not racist I still have a concern about this. Also, being white has and is quickly losing all of it's advantages and now has mostly down sides. My mother is half Mexican so I'm a quarter but look totally white and I've grown to hate it for the reasons I just listed. Anon, still denying the truth I see.


You are PATHETIC. You really are.

Homer Bufflekill

You sound like a real loser...


lol dont worry

No Mercy

u can not be "mostly white. u re either white or coloured. if u have one coloured ancestor - u re coloured


White women are most pretty and unique on average. Blacks are just jealous.