Poll: Could you make it through a long prison sentence and keep your sanity or would be break and eventually become someone's b*tch?

Just how mentally tough are you?

pit bulls bite

maybe a couple of days


I probably wouldn't even handle the trial, never mind the sentence.

Ms Cappuccino

I don’t think I could make it!

daljack -a girl

Everyone has a breaking point.

blue pixie

It would probably be like a clique in highschool for women, I would still wear makeup and pink on Wednesday. Might as well enjoy my time


I'm mentally tough, but doing a prison sentence would be very hard for me.


If I had something to do I could. Some prisoners train service dogs, and that would be something I could get into. I'm not all that social and could easily keep to myself without becoming someone's "*****."


You don't think you would be raped? What a deluded mind you have.


I would use my emotions to their full capacity. I think I would be able to manipulate to get on with others.


I would run it. 😎

Hot Coffee Light No Sugar

I'm very adaptable. I think at first I'd be set back but i'd be able to see how things work around there and start emulating the toughest person or the one who's left alone and become that.