Should I try to go back to school/college and further my education at my age?

I'm 39 almost 40 and I have recently been feeling inspired to go back to school. I'm not happy with the lifestyle that I am currently able to afford and live. I'd like to at least get a bachelor's degree in something. The furthest that I've excelled is a GED and even though I almost received a perfect score I can tell you that it's virtually useless.


I would suggest getting your first 2 years done at a community college as it's less expensive and you can work while doing it. You can also get an employable associate's along with credits for a bachelor's. Then go on to get your bachelor's. Don't go into debt to do this. It's never too late to go to school. My sister is 53 and is just finishing a two year Master's.


Feel free and do so. One is never too old to further their education! Age 40 still falls into the young category, for that matter... Update: you might consider losing a bit of weight if you want to easily meld into the student population...


You should if you really want to. My sister is going back to school this September, she's 43. It's never too late and you'll feel good about yourself after it all

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why not


You will not know unless you try! Good luck!...


Only if you go for something that virtually guarantees you employment like legal, medical or engineering. I think you are right on that border though age wise where you are probably still young enough for it to be worth it. Also consider the likely debt you’ll acquire.


It would be extremely difficult at your age mostly due to time and money. Not to mention how hard it is to learn after 30. I too wanted to go back and complete college around 30 but found it too much, so I took the certification path. I did about 6 or 7 computer certification which landed me a 70K job at the time, I am now enrolled in the online Villanova University Project Management certification, as I'm thinking of changing careers. computers are a young mans field. So, good luck whichever route you take.


Too old to try to fix the mistakes you did when teenager.


F*ck school