How are electric cars better than regular cars?

This is for a persuasive speech for my public speaking class How are electric cars better for the environment. How are they better than petrol cars. How are the electric cars becoming a part of the future. How can they save you money Also how do you format a persuasive speech.


You'll need to do your own research on details, but here's a start. Electric cars have no point of use pollution, but they do require electricity for charging and in a lot of places, excess draw on the power grid is still supplied by burning coal. Not exactly environmentally friendly. Life span and battery life are still relatively low, maintenance can be expensive compared to a fuel powered car since they require specialized service. Are they becoming a part of the future? Some people have bought into the trend, but several have not. In some areas, they are not cheaper. The initial purchase price is higher, batteries are expensive and in some markets, the cost of the hydro is more than the cost for the gasoline on a mile per mile basis. The costs are starting to normalize as the electric cars become more popular but they're definitely not there yet.


Not yet There biggest problem is range/actually lack of range


They don’t burn gas and don’t use oil they are better for the environment


Atleast they do not create pollution, however their speed might be slow from regular one. MCA- Irtaza Marketing Associates


Regular cars is better. I don't like electric cars. They can shut at any given time. The fire Regular cars is better.