America paid for dams that only help a percent of the Citizenry. Why? Why pay for a 95-percent-effective barrier when only 30 to 45 percent?

of Americans are helped and protected by it? ' Mad Luv -- How am I helped by dams built 10 States over? So why should I pay for them? How about money for FEMA that usually affects danger-prone areas? Just pay enough of FEMA to help the rest of us. That's so, in the rare event we're hit by a freak hurricane in the grain belt, we're covered. .


Careful, now. Logic frightens those who oppose common sense.

John P

By your notion the nation should never have built any domestic airports, since not everybody uses them.


Show me a barrier that will stop you.

Mad Luv

i am an american how am i helped? by this?


the republicans had two years to put their name on a bill to fund a wall , but none did . trump is using the shutdown to distract the public from his impeachment .