Wantinf to stop using so much electricity. What best to use besides candles. Any good tips similar?


brian t

Candles? Get LED lightbulbs, these bulbs dont use much electricity.

Mr. P

You have to identify what you are using and look carefully at alternatives. Led lights are the alternative, but even then there are some that are more efficient than others. Also - don't go as large as possible - think of what is actually needed. Learn to use it more economically.


Candles will cost you more (per lumen) than any light bulbs especially energy efficient ones.

John P

Use LED bulbs (globes). That reduces the amount of electricity used to about 1/8th, even 1/10th, compared with old-fashioned tungsten bulbs. Buy ones marked "warm white" (or around 2700k to 3000K) if you want them to look as your old ones looked, buy "daylight" (around 6000K) for the blue-looking ones. Candles will probably cost you more than electricity for much less light, and will present a fire hazard. One small fire in the home = more damage than the price of the electricity saved. Indeed note that televisions cost more to run then lights, and heaters such as toasters and hairdryers and cookers cost far more, I mean far far more, than lights to run.


For lighting it is possible to go 12 volt and use a solar panel to keep the batteries charged. But lighting is the smallest part of the electric bill. An electric water heater is said to be the biggest consumer unless the house has electric heat. An a/c unit is also a big user. Not using a/c during the summer and switching over to natural gas for heat, the cloths dryer and hot water heater can produce large savings. One more item- turn off the entertainment devices, including the computer.


LED lamps save electricity. A good refrigerator and washing machine. Solar panels to provide electricity during the day.