Does trump recycle?



Certainly does! Any old crap put out by Fox reappears as a Trump tweet within hours!


Yes he recycles shiit to form sentences

New World Man

Yes - Just listen to him, it's clear he recycles his Bull S*!t all the time!!

Australian Sniper

Just as much as any other joe shmoe

luis l

Oh yes More than forty years ago a little man like trump create the DEA. Richard Nixxon never believe his legacy is still the mess of the future The best choice of Trunp is this? Any one can climb the wall, if the drug addicts consume drugs. The drug addicts paid more ? and usa drug mess is the same?


I have no idea if he does.


of course not


Nah he isn't that smart

Big One 0909

Probably. Or his stafffers do it. I would imagine is is quite illegal to NOT recycle in both NYC and DC. In Mara Lago, I am sure trash goes out in Dumpsters, and I can tell you that in South Florida, places with Dumpsters at least recycle cardboard.