Is it wrong and/or pathetic to fantasize about a married man?

Ugh, so recently I had an experience doing business with a married man who complimented me and flirted with me the whole time, and given that I very rarely get that kind of attention from men, I've developed a stupid crush that I can't stop thinking about. I know logically that I would never get with him even if he weren't married because, after going through his social media, I learned we are completely different people with radically different viewpoints and interests. This is on top of the fact that I would never get with him on principle just because it actually disgusts me how he was willing to tell what were obvious lies about how he didn't actually like his wife and all of this other stuff while simultaneously posting all over social media about how madly in love with her he is. Like, who he is as a person is repulsive to me on many different levels, but it doesn't change my the stupid lonely part of my brain from wanting to entertain fantasies about an alternative version of him that doesn't actually exist. Is there anything morally wrong with this?


Why would biological programming be "pathetic"? People like to **** each other.


Its a good indication of what a complete wanker he will be to you if you ever start a realtionship with this d1ckwad.


Not wrong to fantasize about him, but it’s wrong to have a crush on a married man. I know you have your personal life & you are free to enjoy it, but you should not try to spoil your life by having a crush on a married man. It is up to you to either stay away from that man, or just let your life go as it’s going. its just lust or infatuation,this too shall pass.Your fantasies belong to you, and no one can dictate to you what you are allowed to fantasize about.In any event, fantasize away, just make sure that doesn’t take over your life, and become a substitute for actually living life. At some point, try to find an actual person who is available to you to be attracted to.


It is not wrong to fantasize about him, but it is wrong with breaking a family.


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Fantasizes are fine, doing anything would not be. I bet many men has fantasizes about females they don't even know, or made up composites of females.


Well you fancy him not for the character he is but because of pheromones telling you he would be a good match genetically for your offspring. It's really as simple as that. Women are attracted to certain men largely based on pheromones, but they also have free will so that's where other qualities like personality/looks/money/ethics etc come into play. I also think a large part of this is because you believe, like you said, that you never get hit on, so he kinda fulfilled this void in you of feeling desirable. There's nothing more sexy in a person than when they make you feel sexy. I don't think it's wrong or pathetic to fantasize, but it is to act on it. Don't worry about it.