"If it's yellow, let it mellow": Does this actually save money?

I have family members who go by this policy, and it honestly makes me sick. Sure, pee doesn't typically stink right off the bat like poop, but after a while, it's not pleasant. They say they do it because it saves money, but so far, no one has been able to give me a definite number on how much they are actually saving, which makes me think there's either no difference in their monthly water bill or the difference just isn't as much as they thought it would be and they don't want to talk about it. Does anybody on here do this, and if so, how much money has it saved you?


It trashes the toilet too with stains. Your average toilet takes 3.6 gallons of water to flush and my actual cost per gallon is around 1.8 cents. This means that it costs 6.5 cents to flush my toilet. (most people probably pay even less) If I flush my toilet 15 times it only costs about $1. So maybe if you were extremely vigilant you could save $1 or 2, but you will have smelly piss stained toilets. Worth it? Not for me.


if their water is metered, it saves money. it also saves precious resources. remember, if it is brown, flush it down.


For the average person, no it doesn't save much money. For a very large family who pee a lot, it might but for an average sized family it isn't a lot of water being flushed away. You'll also be cleaning the toilet a lot more by "letting it mellow" which means using more cleaning products


Yes if your water is metered but flush at least once daily, and as another correspondent has said -if its brown -flush it down.


Yes, some. Modern toilets use 1.6 gpf. but the saying dates back to 5 gpf toilets. If you pay $2 per 100 gallons for the water and $1 per 100 gallons in sewer fees, 20 flushes (about 2 days worth per person) would have cost $3. One flush per day would have saved 90% or $1,35 per day per person. That would have paid for a lot of toilet bowl cleaner. Nowadays, 43 cents is closer to the mark. Still, that's more than $150 per person per year.

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I don’t have to pay for water so it doesn’t matter to me. Depending on when their toilet was made, it might have an effect. Toilets made after around the mid 90s uses less than 2 gallons her flush. Some toilets even uses just a little more than a gallon per flush. Unless the toilet is broken and constantly have water running, it’s not going to matter that much. Toilet is not that big of a water waster. If they really want to save money, take a bath rather than a shower or take shorter showers. Turn off the water when they’re brushing their teeth.

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Just prove they do not know the cost of a gallon of water. less than 1/10 cent per gallon. Ten flushes a day cost 30 cent per month. Sounds like a lot of saving could be had.


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